Cell Phone Providers

Some Top Cell Phone Providers

With the increasing usage of cell phones by businesses and individuals alike, cell phone providers are offering the best deals ever to rope in the new user and retain existing customers. In order to help the new cell phone users as well as assist those who would like to change or swap cell phone providers; extensive research is carried out. This helps the reviewers and customers rate cell phone providers according to their features and offers.

Verizon being one of the most extensive networks of all cell phone providers grabbed the gold award; unlimited night time and weekend minutes and the special advantage of not being clocked rounded off minutes rates it at the top! They are the only of the cell phone providers where a call of 1:39 is charged at 1:39 and not rounded off at 2 minutes! Added to this, the basic plan you find at Verizon includes voicemail, numeric paging, call waiting, 3-way and conference calling and even walkie-talkie options for some phones. AT&T came in a close second of the cell phone providers and grabbed the silver award for meeting caller's needs and as an added option providing limited free phones for signing a contract. Another advantageous option is where you can roll over unused minutes to the next month, this allows customers to opt for the lowest plan and then roll over minutes for busier months!

The next two cell phone providers in the top most are T-Mobile and Sprint Nextel:

T-Mobile lands itself the bronze award in the Top Ten Reviews of cell phone providers. A variety of national and international plans are available with T-Mobile and is the best of all cell phone providers in covering international roaming with 80 roaming partners in that many countries. This makes it one of the best cell phone providers for travelers.

  • Plans - the standard plans for family and individual like other cell phone providers added to the MyFaves plan which allows you to call five numbers of your choice for free anytime, anywhere, on any network works great with most customers! A number of cell phones are also on offer with signing a contract.

  • Minutes/features - free nighttime and weekends and free long distance are included in any T-Mobile standard plan. However, unlike the other top two cell phone providers they lack in providing mobile-to-mobile free minutes or the roadside assistance feature. Though a wide selection of budget cell phones is available, the PDAs and smart phones are at a minimum.

  • Help & support - they offer 24 x 7 customer service through phone support. For general questions, the T-Mobile website has a FAQ section and email support. With extensive coverage in cities and around freeways with less extensive in remote areas.

Sprint merged with Nextel in mid-2005 became the country's largest wireless provider. Excellent service but a smaller network area than the other two cell phone providers, Sprint Nextel does not offer many minutes either.

  • Plans - to fit each kind of caller is a plus point however they do not have any plans for business and international callers. Free phones with al kinds of plans and smart phones for data plans set them apart from other cell phone providers.

  • Minutes/features - free nighttime and weekends starting at 7 pm is also a change from 9 pm with other cell phone providers. They also have mobile-to-mobile and roadside assistance and the added feature of free minutes on incoming calls.

  • Help & support - excellent customer support through phone, FAQ and email added to live chat. They have extensive coverage in the East and Midwest with their roaming network covering the majority of the nation.